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What is empathy? 10 Keys to understand and develop it

empatia caracteristicas

The empathy is one of the components of the emotional intelligence more important for the development of our social relations with the rest of people of our surroundings. It is a capacity with profits so much for the person that the sample as for the person that receives it. It is therefore one of the most important capacities inside our evolution like species that are.

Defining the empathy: 10 keys to comprise it

The concept empathy is sometimes garbled to comprise by what go to try desgranar the ten more important points to know it and once done learn to take advantage of  of her to be people more complete.

  1. It is not the same empathy that charm. In occasions confuses  the empathy with the charm, but is not the same. A person is nice when it is able to show a fluent communication with which listens it and share vivencias, even support ones to others. However, the empathy goes further. The empathy is the recognition of the extraneous emotions. It is the skill to attract what the another person feels, to understand his emotions and what is more important to know which feelings generates this emotion in the another person.
  2. It forms part of the emotional intelligence. It is one of the six basic components of the emotional intelligence, the others four are the autoconocimiento emotional, the social skills, the automotivación and the emotional autorregulación. The deep knowledge of the emotions and the development of the emotions is fundamental for our personal growth and afrontamiento of all type of conflicts and resolution of problems. Attend to the professional help of one of the best centres of on-line psychology of Spain could help you to improve your emotional intelligence, to improve your empathy.
  3. They exist three types of empathy. Cognitive, emotional and compassionate. The cognitive empathy does reference to the capacity to comprise to the another person and know what is thinking, what does us better communicators. The empathy thrillsl is the capacity to share the feelings of the another person, which connects to the people. And finally, the compassionate empathy, that is the one who promotes us to help to the other after knowing what feel.
  4. It serves to detect needs. No only they detect  the emotions that is feeling the another person but it has to help to comprise better which needs has. That’s why some people act better that others in determinate occasions. For example, know give an embrace in the suitable moment.
  5. It moves  in a wide spectrum. The empathy is not an all or at all, all the world have in some way this capacity but ones more than others, or more developed a type that another.
  6. They exist people with very low or invalid empathy. These people are those that commonly associate them  shots psychopaths or people with some type of antisocial disorder of the personality. Besides, also they exist people that suffer of big inability to transmit emotions what complicates the development of the empathy, to this inability to express emotions knows  like alexitimia.
  7. It is a skill of resolution of problems. As it involves the knowledge in some way of the thoughts and emotions of the others goes to help in the resolution of conflicts of form more efficient. The reason is that the empathy works by the very common, by  what if something is good for you, surely also was well for my.
  8. It would have to form part of the subjects of the basic education. In the plans of study of any educational system would have to exist a place for the empathic work. This skill, as we already said, goes to be a big tool in the prevention of back problems of social and relational type.
  9. It is not necessary to share the same experiences to have empathy. This skill is independent to having lived the same situations that the person with which empatizamos. It treats  to comprise them and understand them, to know these emotions. It does not do lacking to suffer a loss to be able to empatizar by the loss of others.
  10. The empathy can be so much for positive emotions like refusals. Usually it associates  the empathy to help or understand to a person that is going through a state anímico negative, by a sadness or by a bad moment. However, be empathic also involves to know when a person is living positive emotions or vivencias cheerful and satisfactory for her. In fact, when knowing this feeling, will help us to us same to improve our own state of spirit.

The empathy is an indispensable quality for our welfare, do not forget it work day in day out.


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