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Drugs that catch the eye

Have you ever thought why the pills have different colors? Perhaps you might think that the reason is none other than differentiating within a pillbox to avoid inappropriate mistakes when taking them, but the colors and shapes of the pins go further. When we have to take a drug or drug (remember that unfortunately the pills can be used as drugs for other purposes) the first thing we do when we see it is creating us a perception thereof, either by color, shape or even their name that will influence later in its effectiveness because it is conditioned to this first visual stimulus.

Pharmaceutical companies take note of this and move to the colors, shapes, names and packaging to create a “placebo effect” on the consumer of the drug that is sometimes even greater than the drug itself. If our brain believe that what we take is good, so it will perform or at least try. The color of the drug will influence its effect on the patient or consumer. In fact, a study by the University of Bombay published in the International Journal of Biotechnology showed that people had a preference for pills red or pink. In addition, the yellow was associated more to the salty taste, white and blue but further evoked bitter. Meanwhile, the aforementioned pink gave a perception sweeter to medication, according to the study cited by R.K. Srivastava and his colleagues.

As happens to us when we eat, the brake pads are us eyes and if we do not get a patient to have a good first impression of your medication begin treatment with foot worse. The color, the shape, the name of the medication and everything related to sensory experience positively reinforce treatment. It is what reflects the saying “sweeten the pill” to swallow better, making it more attractive.

Examples of pharmaceutical marketing tricks

In the pharmaceutical marketing several strategies are used to achieve a greater effect on their drugs:

1. Using colors

Antidepressants: the yellow color will potentially encourage antidepressant properties.
Anti-anxiety pills or packaging when wearing green, blue or violet colors they help reduce anxiety.
Antacids drugs white represents purity and give some reassurance to the consumer, so they generate confidence that “not going to feel bad in the stomach.”
Stimulants: red is the color of passion known and stimulation which will create that effect on the consumer.
Color scheme: when a package has red letters on funds yellow or white shades we transmit more force and strength to live (antidepressants). If the background is pink and letters are blue convey greater femininity, so are used for typical products for women.
2. Use of the names

The pseudofármacos, as could be the Viagra, usually bear the name of stamping drug itself in the tablet itself. Being a famous brand exercise greater suggestion in the “patient”. This usually also happen with synthetic drugs of abuse, such as MDMA, they overprinted carrying a logo or distinctive. In fact, put a name to a generic drug even if it is supporting confidence and willingness to consume.

3. Number of doses

Generally, when the assigned treatment dose is distributed in more throughout the day, their subjective efficacy also multiplied. A treatment that is prescribed to take 4 times a day will have a subjective efficiency twice that if the same treatment is taken 2 times a day, although the amount of total dose is the same. In this regard, we must take into account the different types of absorption of each drug and its corresponding effects so always follow the lead of our specialist.

Remember to always follow the recommendations and treatments your doctor and pharmacist and not treat yourself. Professionals are those who really know what they do and either due to the effect of the drug or the placebo effect the important thing is to health 😉

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