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The new technologies have crowd of applications that improve the lives of the people when they are used of responsible and safe way. One of the big profits of this globalisation and access to the information is can contact with professionals of the mental health of any part of the world. This opens a big fan of possibilities to the hour to achieve a diagnostic hit and a treatment from any place of the planet and without moving us of our houses.

The on-line diagnostic in mental health

The researches in internet of terms on mental health, like anxiety or depression, grow in the network like the foam in a society in which each day exist more people affected by this type of disorders. Never before it had been so simple to find a psychiatrist specialist in depression that adapt  to our requirements or an expert psychologist in labour anxiety, for putting two examples.

However, inside the crowd of options is appropriate to know and find the most adapted for us. This information find it in the own profiles and pages webs of the experts, that thank you once again to internet, approach us his experience, methodologies of work and forms of treatment like part of the previous information to the contact with the specialist in mental health.

Profits of the intervention and on-line diagnostic

The can know information of the doctor or psychologist that goes us attend is one of the main advantages of the research of the sanitary professional in internet. Only it is one of the a lot of profits of the intervention through internet that see  even expanded in the case of the intervention in the mental health by part of an on-line psychiatrist by the own idiosyncrasy of the speciality.

Main advantages

  • Rapidity of communication. Usually, the contact with the expert can produce  of simple way through the email, means of chat or even the classical call of telephone.
  • They reduce  the costs for the patient. They avoid  unnecessary trips to query, with the cost that this comports.
  • The patient saves time. To the not having to displace saves  a valuable time in the trip, that in a lot of occasions is upper to the of the own query. In this case, the appointment is to a determinate hour and only will have to connect you to internet to be able to be attended, from your house or from where want to.
  • It increases  the flow and availability of information. Through internet, the expert can share information in real time with the patient: test, evaluations, follow-ups, exercises, assessments on the treatment, etc. Creates  an on-line file.
  • Greater flexibility and accessibility. Can access  to any hour and from any place. Even to the hour of agendar an appointment, usually opens  a new fan of possibilities of access that of face-to-face way go back  more complicated to carry out.
  • Anonymity. A lot of people rehúsan of the mental health by the stigmatisation or the fear that produces to request it. In internet can initiate  the process, at least the stage of contact, of anonymous way to establish the bows of necessary confidence with the professional. This would not have to be an advantage, since it would owe  to shelve the so negative stigmatisation of the mental problems, but can be of help to approach it to this type of patients more unseen.

Advantages of the psiquiatría on-line

  • In the case of the mental health, is not necessary the direct and physical intervention on the patient to auscultate or similar the zones affected. Obviously, it is not possible palpar physically to the brain, the place where situate  the mental problems.
  • In mental health is possible to make a diagnostic of guarantees of on-line form, through the interview of assessment by videoconference, on-line tests and other tools of diagnostic.
  • It exists an increasing demand of the use of the technology and the assistance to distance. The technology invades our lives and have to learn to use them in our favour. All have a mobile telephone or a point of access to internet from which begin to improve our mental problems.

And the most important: the investigations and studies endorse of effective form this type of on-line assistance, especially for the cases of mental problems.

Which are the tools of on-line intervention in mental health?

They exist different technological resources that the psychiatrist or psychologist goes to apply in his methodology of work with the patient. The main tools are:

Platform Web

It is the first point of contact between the professional and the patient. Here it will find all the necessary information to know the specialitys and experience of the expert and the form of contact. In the same, a lot of professionals integrate the services of register of the information under the strict guidelines of data protection and a section of management of data, clinical history, treatments, diary of appointments, summary of the queries and other a lot of functionalities to way of virtual query where gathers  all the information. In occasions, have integrated the functions of videoconference and direct chat between the professional and the customer.

Applications of communication: videollamada and chat

These are the different tools of external communication that can apply  to the hour to make the query so that it was more flexible and of better access for the customer. This includes the diverse applications of mail and videollamada instantaneous type Whatsapp, Telegram, Meet, Skype, Zoom, etc. This improves of considerable way the feedback and follow-up of the case, from any place and anytime by means of the own videollamada in direct, as by means of chats or messages of audio. This includes also the contact via email of asynchronous way or even platforms in the cloud to share information, archives or videos to way of folders shared.

Virtual reality

Already of form more advanced, can  even apply the virtual reality with the patients even from the distance with the help of simple teams to use or by means of the use of, for example, video games applied to the therapy.

Electronic recipes

In the case of the psiquiatría, the doctors already can from does time make recipes of on-line way without need of the presencialidad of the patient. This will collect his medicines in the pharmacy exactly the same that in a face-to-face query.

The telephone

Although it seem already of another era, the call of conventional telephone keeps on being a good method of teleasistencia for those cases in which it do not have  direct access to internet to make a videollamada. Although the videollamada goes to give extra information to the psychologist and psychiatrist, the calls of telephone are a good solution to be followed having very in account like technological tool of work and follow-up.

Depression and psiquiatría on-line

Once seen that the on-line assistance is of big efficiency and perfectly applicable to the mental disorders, a concrete case is the one of the depression. The people with depression present a state of spirit so low that in occasions are even unable to have to displace until a face-to-face query because his own mental problem keeps them moved away, isolated and without win to go out of his houses.

This type of patients also are used to to have problems of afrontamiento of his own reality by what have to explain it to a stranger is used to to be a big obstacle to attend to the professional. Through internet can have  know details of the previous specialist to the query, make the contact of anonymous way and facilitate this access that in other conditions would be very complicated.


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