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The critical incident interview (I): Competence Questions

As we discussed in a previous article critical incident interview it is one of the tools used for the selection of personnel in the organization based on the skills of the candidate.
In these interviews it is important to focus the questions asked on observations for each of the incidents that expose. For example, we look at:
In these interviews it is important to focus the questions asked on observations for each of the incidents that expose. For example, we look at:

  • What were those involved?
  • Have you asked your superiors?
  • Did you ever wonder what they thought concerned?
  • What I was?
  • What did he say?
  • What really made?
  • Do I make myself clear sequence of events?
  • What was the outcome of the incident?

Here we will discuss some questions to identify various skills.

Management and development of people

  • Tell me one time that mediation has resolved a conflict between peers.
  • Have you ever told a co-worker who was not doing well?
  • Have you ever refused a request for a partner?
  • Tell me if you ever proposed a plan of action or advised some drives for improving skills of your team.

Leadership and communication

  • ¿When making one of his old jobs you’ve mobilized colleagues or groups of people to its realization?
  • Tell me about any problems you had in the group of people with whom you have worked.
  • Remember any situation where your communication skills or messaging improved the performance of their peers.
  • Have you ever convinced someone to do something?

Customer orientation

  • Surely you’ve ever had to adapt to the needs of a customer, cuéntema your considerations for this purpose.
  • Tell me if you have had to restructure their work to improve customer service.

Capacity-related cooperation

  • Your capacity for social relationships has ever given him performing some task?
  • Tell me if you ever worked with someone who was difficult for you.
  • Have you ever changed your behavior to work with a person?
  • And with a group of people?

Company Identification

  • Tell me once that your personal interests would conflict with those of the company.
  • Have you ever had disagreements with your superiors?
  • Tell me if you’ve ever been working inconvenient due to the guidelines of the assignment.
  • Please show strengths and improve on your previous company.

Creativity and analytical thinking.

  • Could you tell me once that you had to solve a complex problem?
  • To solve a problem, certainly you had to prioritize needs. Tell me how you did it.
  • Have you ever altered the conventional method of performing a task to understand your way of doing this was more suitable than the company marked you?

Achievement motivation and stress tolerance

  • Tell me if you’ve ever scored above the established objectives.
  • Have you proposed voluntary ever to perform a task?
  • Tell me about a time when you had to make an extra effort to achieve the goal or challenge that you had proposed.
  • Explain as was the last difficult situation that you found.

Professional knowledge

  • Have you attended training classes to improve your skills in a particular task?
  • Tell me if you’ve shared your knowledge with a coworker.
  • What was the last congress, course or seminar you attended?
  • Other issues to be addressed with the interviewee

Define yourself professionally.

  • Define yourself personally.
  • Where do you see yourself in five years?
  • Could I ask you about your hobbies? What would you like to do in your free time?


All the questions asked must be adapted to the purpose of the job so that both the questions and the answers are virtually endless and recruiter work his interpretation to prepare the final report.


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