Surfing or surfskate and its numerous psychological benefits


It approaches the summer and with this win them to go out in the sunlight to practise sport in the open air. The freedom is one of the human reasons more looked for and exists some sports that approximate you to this feeling. It is the case of the surf that puts us in direct contact with the sea and the nature or to fault of sea his version more callejera: the surfskate.

What is the surfskate and why is well practise it?

The surfskate is a modality of the skateboarding since it shares the same system to displace : a table and wheels, but that differentiates  mainly of his brother in that it loads it to it main makes  on the leading axis and no on the backside. Sure that you already have seen any of these tables by the streets of your city, like the Carver or similar and serve so much to enjoy of this new sport as to train you for the surf when you can attend to take the waves of your favourite beach. To fault of waves, good is a table of surfskate.

The surfskate like alternative to the surf (and vice versa)

The surfskate serves to improve many of our qualities that afterwards will apply to the surf between them:

  • Balance. When making the alike movements to the surf will move  this improvement to the waves. The position of feet and upper trunk is very similar in both modalities.
  • Flow. We understand this concept like the capacity to manoeuvre and chain these movements of fluent way, this trambién transfers  when lame the another table.
  • General coordination, propiocepción and physical appearances. When making similar movements, the articulations ymusculaturas will see  reinforced with similar manoeuvres to which make in the big table, by what will be improving all the coordination, strength, necessary resistance as well as the prevention of possible injuries.
  • Cognitive appearances. When you go up you to a table of surf also are improving the skill and mental agility, your brain is assimilating movements and automating them so that they go back  reflections and do not have to process them to effect them. This will serve you so that the attention can  focalizar in the improvement or other appearances  already was inside the sea or in the street gone up to tables Carver Skateboards.

Psychological profits to practise surf or surfskate

Unlike other sports, the surf allows to practise emotional components very complex to train like the anticipation or the self-supervision. Between the profits of the sportive practice of the surf stand out the following:

  • Anticipation: the surf needs of an experencia previous to know anticipate the swell and the dynamic behaviour of the waves and of the rest of variables that can affect to the precision on the table. The anticipation can express  in shape of emotion and is used to to be very useful for our lives, to learn to detect the context of the situations before that the other and thanks to this effect an or another preventive behaviour.
  • Sport of wait. Know expect the suitable moment to go out to take the wave or simply have to expect patiently to your turn to do it. It is a sport of patience and self-supervision, with all the well that already know that this brings to keep a good mental balance and will finish also reducing our levels of stress.
  • Establishment of routines. The surf helps us to keep a routine, all the process since we schedule the trip, the time, the material, etc. helps us to schedule us better.
  • Multiple intelligences. They exist 7 general types of intelligences and thanks to the surf improve almost all they. In the first place the naturalistic intelligence when being in full contact and symbiosis with her; on the other hand the space intelligence that allows us orient us, thing very important when we do not have a clear reference in the sea; corporal intelligence-kinetical, like sucede with all practical sportive; the interpersonal intelligence, when relating us with more people and create this community surfera; the intelligence intrapersonal, because when being an individual sport need to know us to one same and happen long solos in the mar. Also helps to the others intelligences that are missing us: the logicalmathematical (are forced to do calculations), the lingüistica (communicate us with signals inside the sea) or even the musical since these songs that accompany us in the car on the way or rest are part of a culture that will sharpen our hearing.
  • Solar exhibition and state of spirit. It is showed that the solar exhibition contributes positively on our state of spirit warning depression or similar.
  • Capacity of superación and resiliencia. The surf is a constant challenge, always will want to improve our movements and take the every time better waves. In a first moment will want to hold more time in balance on the table to give step to other acrobatics that will keep us active to the superación personal. Besides, it improves our resiliencia because each fall, will teach us to raise us and improve.
  • Improvement of psychological processes. To part to improve the attention or the concentration the surf increases the called potenciadores of the happiness through the neurotransmisores cerebral: dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorfina that  free to create a feeling of welfare after his practice.


To which waits to go up you to a table and begin to surfer the waves or the asphalt?


Iván Pico

Director y creador de Psicólogo Colegiado G-5480 entre otras cosas. Diplomado en Ciencias Empresariales y Máster en Orientación Profesional. Máster en Psicología del Trabajo y Organizaciones. Posgrado en Psicología del Deporte entre otras cosas. Visita la sección "Sobre mí" para saber más. ¿Quieres una consulta personalizada? ¡Escríbeme!

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