Staying healthy: 7 ways to Filter Water at Home

One of the better ways of ensuring that you are drinking clean water is by the way of filtration. Although it is possible to buy bottled water that has been filtered by a company you may also do it yourself. The way you select for doing this depends on things such as budget, water quality goals, and expected effort level. And there are many ways available.


Let’s look at the water filtration ways that can be used when you are at home or traveling in nature. You can get some smaller water filters from the hardware store and there is a range of filtration cartridges you can select from depending on your requirements. There are some DIY methods available and some tech instruments are also available.


  1. Boiling the water: Heating the water at a rolling boil usually takes around one minute and makes water safe to drink. Boil the water for three minutes in case you are located around 2000 meters or higher. It is one of the easiest and obvious methods for filtration. Boiling the water kills all the microorganisms such as parasites, bacteria, and viruses that are present in water. However, keep in mind to cool down this heater water before drinking it.


  1. Water filtration: This is one of the more effective methods for purifying water. It involves different physical and chemical processes for purifying water and making it safe for your consumption. The filtration process aids in the removal of both small and large compounds and dangerous contaminants that can pose danger to human health.


  1. Distillation: In this method, the water is heated at its lowest boiling point and it is collected in its pure form as it is vaporizing. The water vapor is connected with a condenser and this water gets collected for human drinking purposes. Although this sounds like an authentic process there is a downside, it is a slow process. It can get rid of germs and bacteria but can be costly.


  1. Water purifiers: Everyone is aware of these kinds of water purifiers and their presence in most households. The use of a proper purifier at home will directly affect the health of humans. You can install an aqua water filter within the house to ensure that you are drinking healthy water. Keep in mind that the selection of the right purifier directly impacts our health.


  1. Water purification pills: The main components of these water purification tablets are either iodine or chlorine dioxide. These pills kill a range of microorganisms and bacteria that are present in water. You are required to leave it in place for 30 minutes for purifying the water. Although using these tablets can leave an unpleasant odor and taste to the water and they are also not quite capable of removing all the chemicals present in water.


  1. UV water purification: During this kind of purification process your water gets exposed to UV light and it works in a way that kills the DNA of all the unwanted microorganisms or bacteria in the water. This prevents any further breeding of these harmful germs. However, this process is not effective for removing heavy metals and other physical impurities from water.


  1. Solar disinfection: Solar disinfection is a convenient yet inexpensive procedure for boiling water. Rather than using extreme or direct heat, you can employ solar disinfection that employs solar heat for assisting the water purification process. For achieving success while using this method you are going to need contaminated water, bottles, and direct sunlight. Make sure that you are using plastic bottles. Fill them with water till they are around three-quarters full. Shake the water bottles for 20-30 seconds and fill the remaining portion of the bottle. Close the lid tightly and place it in the path of the sun’s rays for 6-8 hours before drinking the liquid.




Clean drinking water is crucial for the survival of all living species. But many times, disaster strikes cause contamination of all the major water sources. It is significant to be educated about how you are going to treat contaminated water before you consume it. The methods mentioned above are just some of the ways of purifying water at home.'

Duncan Hendren

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