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The music in the sales point

Today has come the news that Amancio Ortega is now the richest man in the world. In order to have such an empire textile in a relatively short time has had to raise hundreds of financial strategies, economic, labor, legal, production, marketing, etc. Of course, knowing the psychology of the consumer part of these sales strategies that are perceived in their stores perfectly aligned to achieve the highest possible consumption.

One case that particularly calls attention is the music of their premises. Why this song?

In the shops of young fashion often put to music with high rates, the reason is none other than to encourage the purchase and churn. It is shown by a study that slow music gets the customer is more time inside the facility, which does not usually interest for certain outlets and especially at certain times of day. That is why a strategy to encourage the purchase would have the beat a little slower in peak hours agglomeration for those customers who need to think better and use their purchases faster at peak times to increase turnover. In addition, the fast music makes us be more impulsive and less rational in the act of purchase in the clouded thinking and acts as a motivator, increases the rush to buy, buy before, before we go before we leave room for new clients .

By contrast, in the case of stores products that require more time to purchase used slow rhythms to the customer is more comfortable and less pressured, such as car dealerships, furniture stores, etc. .

In the end, the music serves as reinforcing our purchasing behavior. If a stimulus we feel good, whether to buy a jeans or a colony, back to the same place to perceive.

Also, having a good choice of music obviously has to be consistent with the type of store. If sales youthful fashion, you have to be the “ultimate” in music Young. However, if the product you sell is unique, classical music is probably the best choice.

If we are to make a range of rhythms musicals in the Inditex group, the music faster the usually put on Berschka and Lefties (clothes cheaper, leftover stocks to be sold fast, young fashion), it follows the Pull & Bear (here often go to the fashion in music, contemporary music and fast). As we climb the “age of the purchaser” lower pace (Zara) and if we delve into the relative exclusivity of Massimo Dutti thing slows down a bit according to the type of customer.

All this machinery has to be articulated with the rest of the environment of the point of sale: colors, smells, distribution, etc.


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