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The happiness of going to a concert, supported by the science.

asistir a conciertos te hace más feliz

Just I am missing a study that corroborated: going to concerts makes you happier. This is the conclusion of the study: “If you’re happy and you know it: Music engagement and Subjective wellbeing” by Melissa K. Weinberg and Highway Burwood Deakin University (Australia). The study reaffirms what lovers of concerts and music already knew. The research results are derived from interviews with 1,000 Australians and tell us that levels of satisfaction with life are higher in people who attend live concerts.

In addition, they seem more satisfied with their lives the people who come to witness live music that they listen home alone, so the key to happiness is to share the emotions that follows the music. Enjoy music in the company of other people benefit SWB by what appears to be the factor interpersonal exercise a high weighting in this hypothetical equation of happiness.

Music has been instrumental in all societies and cultures throughout time. It is one of the activities that make us enjoy and have been shown in multiple studies its benefits on health and personal well-being. Music is used in different therapies solving personal problems, facilitates personal relationships and there are even studies that say enjoy music is associated with lower mortality. Another benefit of music and perhaps the most prominent is that it serves as a regulatory strategy emotions, according to another study by the University of Melbourne (Australia).

| Music is a social facilitator.

Today we can listen to music anywhere where we are thanks to technological advances and would not hesitate to share the excitement of listening in our social networks. This seems also to note the results of the study mentioned about the importance of interpersonal contacts make when there is music involved.

In addition, participating actively with music also has cognitive benefits, according to another research from the University of London. Who does not sing in the shower? We all do. Moreover, dancing is another activity associated music with these benefits for our mental and physical health, because we move. The music alone is already beneficial to our emotional but according to these studies the social connection increases even more subjective benefits of it. Music is a social facilitator.

In the study by Melissa K. Weinberg and Burwood Highway three fundamental aspects were investigated:

The ratio of the different ways of listening to music with SWB.
The social component (listen alone or with others and their degree of involvement).
The overall level of satisfaction that depending on the components of music.
Participants responded to a series of telephone questions on these issues. It was confirmed that people who attended accompanied musical events, and also danced and sang had a higher rate of personal welfare. Participate actively with music improves emotional expression and facilitates the development of confidence, self-esteem and sense of group membership.

Another important data revealed by the study is the fact that attending musical events involves a significant financial outlay and may just be a privilege for some. This should take note, for example, the current government of Spain. Music is culture, not a luxury. And, as this study shows, it is beneficial to health! All advantages. Science and psychology says.

Dear mothers worried about their festivaleros children, do not worry about them being happy.

Iván Pico

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