How to detect special educational needs?

como detectar educacion especial

It understands  the Special Education like a group of educational resources places to the disposal of the students that can need it of temporary form or continued, permanent or transitory. At least like this it is as it defines  in Spain.

To fulfil with these special educational needs (NEE) have to understand in the first place to what call an educational need. They divide  in two big groups:

  1. Transitory educational needs: difficulties of learning, problems of behaviour, emotional and social maladjustment.
  2.  Permanent educational needs: sensory difficulties (visual, auditory…),  problems engines, TDAH in boys (disorders related with the hyperactivity or deficit of attention), as well as other psychological disorders, the related with the autism (disorders of the autistic spectrum) or the mental disability. Besides, it fits to indicate that the considered “superdotados” also would have to  englobar inside his own educational needs specific.

Attention to the diversity

The education has to be understood in function of the diversity that this presents in function of the existent students. The fundamental pillars of this attention to the diversity  sustentan in an education of quality with equality of opportunities for all the group of the students; and the effort shared between all the components of the educational system. In the personalización of the process of education is the key of a good attention and educational inclusion. All are different. All deserve to have an educational base adapted in the measure of the possible to our special needs.

How know if a boy needs special education?

To determine if a boy or girl needs special education adapted will owe firstly have a multidisciplinary evaluation in which they can take part different specialists: educators, psychologists, logopedas, fisioterapeutas, pedagogos, neurologists and psychiatrists among others. These will be those that will evaluate, will diagnose, will treat and will follow these special needs so that his education can adapt the best possible to guarantee, as we said previously, an education of quality.

Special educational need or support psicopedagógico?

It fits to mention that this evaluation has to be made to avoid a special education no adapted when what would require  would be rather a support psicopedagógico for presenting deficiencies in the psychological processes that involve a correct understanding or use of the language. These can present difficulties in listens it, the speech, the writing or the mathematics, but no thus it needs a special education, but a pedagogical reinforcement or change the models of learning to improve the understanding.

Areas of evaluation of the special educational needs

The areas in which they will fix  the experts to decide if it requires  a special education will be relative to the big areas of the learning: attention, memory, self-supervision and metacognición. When they exist problems in any of these elements of the learning will analyse  his origin and degree. Since we remember that all have different types of degrees of problem, by what will have to adapt  to this need the maximum possible.

Once this delimit  three big blocks of possible problems:

Difficulties of the Language

  • Difficulties or delay in the assimilation of vocabulary
  • Problems of auditory discrimination.
  • Inappropriate grammatical structure
  • Bad composition of sentences.
  • Late acquisition of the language or deficient.

Emotional development-affective and social

  • Expression exaggerated of emotions (anger, ire, anger, joy…)
  • Dependency of adults and demand of attention.
  • Scarce participation or unsuitable behaviour or fault of communication.
  • Impulsive personality.
  • Disorders of the attention and the behaviour.
  • Excessive low self-esteem and motivation.
  • Low cognitive competition to adapt
  • Low expectations of success and high of failure.
  • Little effort for learning.

I develop engine

  • It does not establish correct connections with the surroundings.
  • Descoordinación motora And skills motrices basic limited (slowness of movements, difficulty to take objects

As it can observe , the fan of special educational needs is very wide and covers big crowd of problems that will hamper the correct learning in the school of the boys by what all the reinforcements and adaptations to the same to improve his educational experience of way inclusiva will be a victory for our educational system.


Iván Pico

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