Emotional Intelligence

5 children’s books on emotional intelligence

libros inteligencia emocional niños

The emotional intelligence (IE) does reference to the capacities and skills for , recognise, identify, understand and handle the emotions so that it facilitate the social relations. The psychologist, Daniel Goleman, defines it like the key for the success.

Contrary to the popular belief, is not necessary to expect the adultez to educate our feelings. The specialists recommend to initiate to the boys in matter of the emotions from the two years of age, as it is when they initiate processes more complex of interaction with the adults.

As it refers Lucía Gómez, editor of the blog SinCable, ‘’exist personalised books that will contribute in the education and identification of the emotions and feelings of the boys. It has checked  that the children that read by entertainment improve his vocabulary, spelling and skill with the numbers. These three profits will develop his self-esteem, in addition to warning aggressive behaviours, fault of attention and hyperactivity”.

Selection of tales and childish books on the Emotional Intelligence:

  1. Collection ‘Feelings’ of Tracey Moroney for greater of 3 years. Through the different histories of a conejito, this collection teachs to the reader to feel  sure of his skills and to trust yes same. It will learn to know his emotions and feelings and will teach him to control them.
  2. ‘The emotions of Nacho’ of Liesbet Slegers for greater of 3 years. This history is starred by Nacho, the one who in his day in day out experiences different emotions like the anger, fear, joy or sadness. Through viñetas Nacho teachs to the small on the physical feelings.
  3. ‘Like this it is my heart’ of Jo Witek’ (+ 3 years). This is an album illustrated in where the author allows us ingresar to his heart and sample to the smallest how in his day in day out feels diverse emotions, feelings or states of spirit. The leading sample to the small reader, page by page, what happens with each one of his emotions.
  4. ‘The monster of colours’ of Anna Full for greater of 3 years. This book has turned into the referent of the education in the emotional intelligence. The protagonist is a monster that, very contrary to what thinks , does not give fear. To the start shows  that the monster did  a wrap with his emotions and needs to put in order them, is here where the reader will learn to identify basic emotions and to work in them. The connection with the small has been such that exists the second part called The monster of colours goes to the school.
  5. ‘Érase Once a boy comepalabras’ of Marlet and Jordi Sunyer (+ 3 years). This history treats on a boy that goes  eating the words of the emotions. When a day leaves to do it, feels  empty inside, then leaves to do it and comprises that these words and emotions form part of him and goes back them to him to eat to feel  well. This history teachs to the boys to purchase an emotional language that allow them not repressing his emotions.


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