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Methodology of the teaching-learning applied to futsal

A few months ago I was present at the technical conferences Spain Futsal Cup  Ciudad Real 2015 giving a talk about methodology of teaching and learning applied to futsal. As support material for the exhibition and as a summary of the above I showed this presentation leave here now public.

It analyzes how education influences (with different styles and techniques) learning from different approaches: behavioral, cognitive, information processing and from the socio-cognitive approach.

It also includes a small set of types of thinking;)

From here to thank the organizers of the conference for telling me for this talk.

The video is only available in spanish version.



Iván Pico


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Graduado en Psicología (UNED). Nº Colegiado G-5480
Diplomado en Ciencias Empresariales (USC).
Máster en Psicología del Trabajo y las Organizaciones. (INESEM)
Técnico Deportivo Nivel II, fútbol sala (RFEF).


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