7 Reasons Pets Make The Best Travel Companions

pets and travel

The big outdoors is calling you once more. It is time to hit the road and explore the world. Your baggage is in the trunk, you have donned the long-bought sportswear with the moldy scent, but what the heck! The odor will dissipate with the first whiff of fresh breeze. You put on the tennis shoes you long to wear every day, and you are almost set. One ultimate decision remains, though: the partner, the kid, or the dog? Take the dog, and here are some reasons why your pet will be the best backpack buddy.

1.         Your pet will be most grateful.

Your fluffy friend’s life revolves around you. They wait for you when you are not there, play with you when you want to, retire to their kennel or cage when you tell them to, and never hold you the slightest grudge. They remain at your bid and call 24/7. And their world is only the small room or cage in which they are locked up for years. They want to see the world too, and the sight of the dog’s head out of the window enjoying the wind is truly heartwarming.

And for other pets, like birds and lizards, taking them out in the sun is pleasant and beneficial for their health. Whether on a leash or in a backpack, your pets will enjoy the voyage and thank you for it.

2.         You decide on the whole itinerary.

Isn’t that something? Think about all the time you had to cancel a voyage because nobody seemed to agree on one destination. Your little companions will go wherever you’ll take them, whether you want to walk on the beach, hike in the forests or explore a city. They will happily trot along by your side. Our pets always seem to be under the impression that we know best, so don’t forget to carry Dog Coats to ensure that it is comfortable anywhere.

3. Never complains about your impromptu plans.

Let’s say you have no fixed destination and want to roam about, make little stops, or not, or just follow the roads. Who will be agreeable to such a tiresome, impromptu, and aimless journey? The answer is obvious. Your pet will never get tired as long as it is by your side, and you can stop or go on, as you wish.

4. No nagging, pestering, or bickering.

When Sartre wrote, “Hell is the other,” he was not referring to any pets. It’s a fact that no two human beings can get along for an extended time, and when they are in constant proximity with another, even sister souls break apart. Fortunately, our little soul mates will never disagree with our opinion. They’ll bark happily to any argument without taking sides, lament if we show distress, and coo lovingly to our litanies. They never reprimand, tell us we are wrong or that we are telling this story for the hundredth time. Additionally, talking to a pet has proven to have many health benefits for you.

5. Fewer expenses

 Traveling with your pet might be a real advantage if you are on a tight budget. With a family, you have to look for bigger or multiple rooms. There will be quite a strain on your budget with other daily expenses to cater to your partner and children, and this will impact on your voyage like you will maybe have to cut short the number of days or places you were supposed to visit. With your companion, it’s a whole other story. It will not complain of lack of space, does not need another room, and will go for any treat or toy within your budget. A leash, a harness or a pack is all you’ll need.

6. Bonding with your pets.

The relationship with our pets is an exceptional one and regrettably one that we often take for granted. With our stressful and busy life, all we can do is sometimes throw it a treat, pat it and rub its belly for five minutes. Though your little pet is only too grateful for this, it needs more. Your pet must get out of that cage more often, and it has to explore more than the crate. For the pet’s psychological health, it is primordial to talk to it, play with it and give it some special time. Traveling with your pet is the best way to provide it with the undivided attention it craves for, and strengthen the bond you share. Alternately, the relationship with our pets has also proven to be beneficial for us on many levels.

7. You keep your independence.

You are badly in need of some me-time. It is difficult, not to say impossible, to tell your partner or kids to leave you alone while traveling with them. On the contrary, your pet is very independent and will not mind giving you alone. It knows you’ll be back. It will tag along when you want it to, and provide you with the necessary safety if you wish to roam on some unknown roads, but will be as happy to wait for you and as excited when you return home. You can always count on a warm wagging welcome.

So no more dilly-dallying. No need to inform your pets, or to plan way before traveling. You want to get away on a whim, your pets are ready whenever you are.'

Rebecca Siggers

Rebecca Siggers is a passionate writer & guest blogger. Writing helps her to improve her knowledge, skills & understanding about the specific industry. She loves writing & sharing her knowledge mostly in the Travelling Industry. She believes travelling is the key to a peaceful life & wants to spread her belief across the world. Apart from writing, She loves Traveling and Reading.

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