The psychology of moving abroad and starting an eco-lifestyle

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When you are ready to move off to a new country for the very first time you are bound to be excited. You will have your guidebook ready and suitcases packed with plane tickets and a passport in readiness. Moving to a new place on your own is a huge step in any event but especially so when you are moving to a new continent. It doesn’t matter whether you are taking a gap year, venturing out for a new job, or working towards giving out some greater good by volunteering to work abroad, keep these tips in mind. Another significant factor to consider is a sustainable lifestyle by using things such as plastic-free kitchens and recycling schemes.


  1. Secure a house


Although many people believe that it is easy to find great apartments in big cities that are close to everything, it is not realistic. These places are quite expensive and you might be better advised to get a place in your budget. You can get help from a real estate agent, talk to the experts, check out the classifieds or take help from housing providers. Big names such as Airbnb can rent out a place for you on a monthly basis but it may not be very economical. Keep in mind that you will need a couple of months’ rent as a security deposit while signing the lease. There are many other upfront costs you will have to cover from your savings.


  1. Selling your house and move abroad


In case you are committed to selling your home and moving abroad you need to find some time for selecting the right selling agent. You also need to consider the timing of your move carefully while moving abroad. What will be the best time to sell the house, before or after you have completed the immigration? It is generally believed that the best time for getting the best price is during the summer months when buyers are wide awake. Another important consideration is whether to sell or let your property. There are pros and cons involved in both these alternatives. You can sell the old house to use the money to travel abroad. If you are living in Sacramento, you can sell your home for cash in Sacramento.


  1. Making sure you possess the right documents


In most cases, your current driving license will not be valid outside your country of residence. You will need to get an international driving permit (IDP) or license that can be utilized for driving cars in different countries for a short term. It is not too difficult to get the license and you can get it from your local transport authorities. How to get an international driving permit can be best explained in these places. You may be required to follow certain documentation and procedure for getting the Incense.


  1. Making the new home energy efficient


There are several ways of increasing the energy efficiency of your new house. It also means that you have to begin making changes immediately by sticking to some home improvement tips. You can replace the incandescent light bulbs with LED bulbs which is an easy and effective way of reducing energy consumption. You can also install low-flow showers and taps, upgrade the insulation, and install solar panels on your home to help you boost energy efficiency. All and more eco-friendly elements can be made into your house when you are building it from scratch! A custom home builder such as HouseIdea can help you develop and realize your plan for an eco-friendly house.


  1. Make it more comfortable


Keep in mind that your home is your castle so you can make it as comfortable as possible. Properties having lower energy efficiency are extremely difficult to maintain comfortably, especially when you are considering the indoor temperature. For instance, if your home is not energy efficient you will notice a huge difference in moving from one room to another and even cold spots on the room walls. You will notice this especially if you spend a lot of time inside the house when you are engaged in online learning or working remotely. In these cases, you can use weatherstripping or insulation for improving energy efficiency. It is possible to eradicate air leakage and drought by making the home more comfortable.




There are several ways to raise the energy efficiency of your house when you are moving abroad. It doesn’t matter whether your motivation for energy conservation is environmental, economic, or personal. You will find that there are many benefits involved in energy efficiency that can offer many things for everyone. It can also prove to be a great return on your investment.




Duncan Hendren

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